6 trends that will shape customer experience in 2020 / by keynote speaker Steven Van Belleghem #CustomerExperience

Steven Van Belleghem is a global keynote speaker, focusing his work on the link between customer experience and technology.

In this video, Steven Van Belleghem describes 6 trends that will influence customer experience in 2020. Automation is lurking around every corner and in every trade.

Next year, we will see a lot of new sectors implementing creative automation methods.

The customer journey is also gradually becoming more of a ‘life journey’, guiding the customer through life in stead of the buying process.

Furthermore, branding will become somewhat more of a religion, getting ‘in between’ companies and customers.

And given the distrust in modern content, it’s inevitable that companies need to make bold decisions in order to gain the trust of the customer. Finally, 2020 will be the year that introduces the ‘end of trade-off’. Enjoy the video!


About The Author
- Peter Keates, founder & CEO Onopia and President Placesquare SAS, helps companies to improve their leadership with an innovative business model aligned with the strategy.