Awesome Interactive Touch Wall #Interactive #CustomerExperience

The branding and retail design studio Dalziel and Pow sparked some interest at London’s Retail Design Expo last month with a remarkable interactive display created with conductive ink. Attendees were invited to touch any of the numerous illustrations covering the booth walls—doing so completed a circuit and triggered a variety of animated vignettes, from an illuminated light bulb and flashes of lightning to a toy glockenspiel that actually played notes as you touched its cartoon keys.

With a spectrum of designers and producers on staff, Dalziel and Pow was able to tackle the entire project in-house as a collaborative effort between its digital, interiors and graphics teams. “Our main objective was to create a tactical experience,” says Ross Phillips, the Associate Digital Design Director of the London-based studio.

“We often talk about how giant screens can be intimidating and unapproachable. Conductive ink allowed us to apply the technology to more traditional, familiar, warmer materials.”


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