Exponential Organizations – Salim Ismail, at USI #Exponential #Organizations

Salim Ismail is a sought-after speaker, strategist and entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley and Global Ambassador at Singularity University.

Salim Ismail’s USI talk is about the new breed of Exponential Organizations. Our environment is changing through technologies and globalization, becoming more and more transparent and open.

However, companies are still following an old business model : hierarchy, centralization, top down, ownership. Following Salim Ismail, it’s time to disrupt this model, those industries and change how business has to be done in the future.

To come up with such an analysis, Salim went trough all Innovation & Technology books, brainstormed about our future, looked through exponential startups to analyse their way of doing business, etc. Our future will be held by those organizations? Are you one of those? This talk will give you all keys to understand our exponential future and start being an exponential organization.


Category: Technology, Trends
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