Fashion is fuel for innovation | TED Institute #Fashion #Ted #Innovation

This short film from TED@Tommy explores fashion as a vehicle for innovation. From the Industrial Revolution to WWII to the hippie movement, the culture of fashion has always blended the cutting edge of self-expression with the latest innovations in technology.

Today, fashion is no different, weaving VR, AR, and leading sustainable technologies into the very fabric of contemporary clothing, and addressing larger global issues to design the future we want to live in.

TED and Tommy Hilfiger both believe in the power of ideas to break conventions and celebrate individuality, which is why Tommy Hilfiger is partnering with the TED Institute. TED@Tommy gives our associates the perfect platform to express their ideas.

The event explores the theme “The Courage To…”, and will feature talks from associates, generating valuable discussions to spur innovation.


Category: Design, Innovation
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