How To Implement A Growth Marketing Process #GrowthHacking #Marketing

A growth hacking or growth marketing process will ensure you can experiment rapidly and find huge wins for your business. Here we share our growth hacking playbook.

David Arnoux from Growth Tribe will take you through a step by step guide on how to implement a growth marketing process within your organization. Built from our original growth hacking process, the GROWS process allows teams and individial to adopt an experiment, iterative approach to growth.

This video covers the following:
– Introduction to growth hacking
– Why growth hacking and growth marketing are taking over the world
– Prerequisites to effective growth marketing (Business Model Canvas, Problem-Solution fit, Personas)
– Building personas
– The One Metric That Matters
– Pirate Funnels
– GROWS loops
– Gather Ideas
– Rank Ideas
– Outline Experiments
– Work work work
– Study Results


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About The Author
- Peter Keates, founder & CEO Onopia and President Placesquare SAS, helps companies to improve their leadership with an innovative business model aligned with the strategy.