Why we need to innovate how we learn to innovate | Alex Bruton #Innovation #Creativity

Why did an engineering firm perform no better at some basic innovation tasks than a class of grade 6 and 7 students? In this surprising and visually engaging talk, Alex Bruton urges us to stop competing to spread the Post-It-Notes-on-the-wall-because-they-are-cool and the let’s-get-the-keywords-into-the-annual-report notions of innovation. He shares a simple, powerful model for innovation literacy and challenges us to find the trust in ourselves to make innovation accessible to anyone, anywhere.

Dr. Alex Bruton helps people (learn to) innovate. He’s spoken around the world, including an invited talk at Google, and he’s been recognized as the Entrepreneurial Educator of the Year in Canada. He’s been an engineer, a manager, a several time entrepreneur, and a tenured professor – among other exciting roles – and today he’s the founder and president of a practical open education and innovation design firm called The Innographer that helps people become more innovative and entrepreneurial. He invites you to join him in transforming the way society thinks about innovation and in making it accessible to anyone, anywhere.


About The Author
- Peter Keates, founder & CEO Onopia and President Placesquare SAS, helps companies to improve their leadership with an innovative business model aligned with the strategy.