Rapid Prototyping 3 of 3: Native Prototyping #Prototyping #MVP #Leanstartup

Carl Sziebert and Kaushal Shah discuss native prototyping and how to bring ideas to life by coding on native platforms and SDKs.

Want to unlock the full hardware functionality for your explorations?

Need to test how motion, animation, interaction and moments of delight come together to shape an experience for your users?

With native prototyping you can build a realistic version of your idea, start validating your design direction and start pitching to the world!

In this video you’ll learn:
How to start exploring ideas with technology by coding on native platforms and SDKs
Importance of validating your direction with users on real devices
How to use prototyping to communicate and sell your vision

This is part of a video series on Rapid Prototyping.


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