From ‘Sprint’: The Five-Act Interview #DesignThinking #Leanstartup

One of the hardest things about business is how to figure out whether your ideas will succeed in the market. We created the sprint process to give companies a powerful tool for answering these kinds of questions.

In our book on sprints, we explain how to use customer interviews as a way of fast-forwarding to the day when your product is in the market, and seeing real customers react to your ideas. These customer interviews are a critical part of every sprint.

But reading about customer interviews is kind of like having a friend tell you about a great movie—it’s just not the same as seeing it yourself.

So in this video, we’re going to show you how to conduct great customer interviews. You get to watch our partner Michael Margolis as he interviews a customer and tests a prototype with her.

We’ve got a lot more information on how to plan and run these kinds of tests, including how to find customers, how to prepare a script for your interviews, and some advanced tips from Michael. It’s all in the book, which you can find on Amazon or anywhere books are for sale. And check out for links to even more free resources.


About The Author
- Peter Keates, founder & CEO Onopia and President Placesquare SAS, helps companies to improve their leadership with an innovative business model aligned with the strategy.