The Dream Desk 3 – Retro Edition #Creativity #Idea #Design

Dream Desk 3 + Retro MacBook Giveaway!
Custom Colorware Retro MacBook Giveaway!…
Making Dream Desk 3:…
The Dream Desk 2 – MKBHD Edition:

Colorware Retro iMac:…
Retro MacBook (Limited Run of 10):…

Dream Desk 3: Game of Thrones Edition:

The Desk:
Avantone Speakers (Painted using PMS 9143 w/ a matte finish):
TEAC Bluetooth Amp:
USB-C Hub:
Satechi Monitor Stand:

Cables & Adapters:
Speaker Wire:
USB-C Adapter:
USB 3 Adapter Kit:
Anker USB 3.0 Hub:
USB 3 Extension:
Cable Clips:


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